Improv Comedy: Ify Nwadiwe Appreciates Serendipity Too


Before doing comedy, Ify was issuing death certificates. Not in the way an 80’s action hero would “issue death certificates”. He was literally working in a government office issuing birth, marriage and death certificates. It was a death in his own family that caused him to rethink his life’s trajectory thus beginning his career in comedy, writing and podcasting. Not only does Ify share this story on our first episode in the improv series but we turn to the Fishbowl and it pays terrific dividends. Indeed, we share a fabulous first - Movie Mad Libs! Enjoy!

Season 01 Episode 23
Improv Comedy - Ify Nwadiwe Appreciates Serendipity Too

Recorded on October 6, 2018
Released on October 16, 2018
Episode Duration: 01:20:35

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