Improv Comedy: Mano Agapion Has Outgrown Disaster Videos


How does an internship in parsing disaster footage evolve into a comedy career? Not only does improv comedian Mano Agapion have the answer to that question, he shares it on this episode. It’s not exactly a straight line, but it’s the curves in the road that teach us the most. Not only does he talk his early days of stage work as a high school student, Mano gets into the genesis and evolution of the wildly popular UCB Drag Race. When we turn to The Fishbowl, things get uncharacteristically steamy when Mano pulls Underrated Sexual & Romantic Activities. Also, we pull not one… not two… but ALL of Carl Tart’s questions. Every. Last. One.

Episode Notes

Season 01 Episode 25
Improv Comedy: Mano Agapion Has Outgrown Disaster Videos

Recorded on October 23, 2018
Released on October 30, 2018
Episode Duration: 01:16:53

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