About The Hollywood Fishbowl


The Hollywood Fishbowl is a weekly long-form interview podcast produced and hosted by Jesse Koester. The show is broken down into a series of mini-series (typically four episodes each) to give a well-rounded view of different areas of the media landscape, from pop culture to high culture.

Mini-series include Burlesque, Indie Musicians, Faith-Based Film, Little Tokyo and beyond.

Through these interviews, we hope to deliver a boots-on-the-ground perspective of what it’s like to be working professionally in Los Angeles.

Of course, it’s not a terrific podcast without a gimmick and we’ve got this thing called The Hollywood Fishbowl. Every guest who comes on the show adds 2 or 3 questions to The Fishbowl for future guests to possibly pull as we run through the dialog.

MINI-SERIES (so far…)


In November of 2018 (12-16), The Hollywood Fishbowl teamed up with The Little Tokyo Service Center and 341 FSN to deliver Little Tokyo’s first pop-up podcast studio. In that week, we recorded 9 conversations with members of the community to create an oral history of the neighborhood and the community that call it home.

We spoke with historians, legacy business managers, entrepreneurs, artists and community organizers because, when it comes to learning, we can’t and we won’t and we don’t stop. You can find the whole series here.


In late 2018, after a series of successful conversations with authors who had been published through Michael Wiese Productions, we finally decided to stop beating around the bush and ask each other out. Guess what! MWP said yes, thus kicking off our partnership. So, now MWP sends us books, we read them and then talk to the authors. It’s win-win-win! I challenge you to get more wins in three words. It simply cannot be done!

You can find all of the conversations with MWP authors no further away than right here.

JJ Koester