Storytelling: Naomi Beaty Also Has A Very Specific Set Of Skills


Naomi shares a name with a couple of heavy-hitters in the entertainment industry, including Naomi, Naomi and Naomi (listen to the full episode for specifics). She also shares her knowledge and wisdom with us as we do a deep-dive into the mechanics of storytelling. As a long-time collaborator with Save The Cat, a podcaster and a teacher, she’s certainly a contender for this type conversation. As a kind person with a passion for supporting others in their endeavors, she’s a shoe-in. To illustrate the reliability of story structure, we compare two nearly identical films - Taken and Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. When we get to the Fishbowl... Guest Host with Swinky! Whooo!

Season 01 Episode 10
Naomi Beaty Also Has A Very Specific Set Of Skills

Recorded on June 28, 2018
Released on July 10, 2018
Episode Duration: 01:18:16

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