Storytelling: Hilliard Guess Has Game, Shares Game


Hilliard Guess knows his way around a microphone. And a podcast. And a writers room. And a screenplay. And a film set. And a stage. So, where do you even start the interview? We start at the relationships he cultivated with the local skinheads (Neo-Nazi and traditional) growing up in the ‘hood, as a gay, black kid in the 80s Mod/Rudeboy/Punk Scene. From there, we wind our way into the writers room with a torrent of gold wisdom on how to navigate that environment. Our belated arrival at the fishbowl gives us solid three-act structure with the pulls Baby Writers, Autobiographies and Death.

Season 01 Episode 11
Hilliard Guess Has Game, Shares Game

Recorded on July 8, 2018
Released on July 17, 2018
Episode Duration: 01:12:11

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