Family: Emily Koester Is My Big Sister

(Setup) As a child, I always looked up to my older sister Emily. (Punchline) And that’s not just because she was taller than me. When we were kids, she spent a lot of time well and comfortable in her head. While she was doing that, I was with my friends producing fake radio shows on a boom box with a built-in microphone. Here we are today and I’m interviewing my sister on my latest fake radio show and, wouldn’t you know it, neither of us have changed. We both just got more-so. As always, thank you for listening!


Season 01 Episode 03
Family: Emily Koester Is My Big Sister

Recorded on November 25, 2018
Released on January 15, 2019
Episode Duration: 01:27:23

Emily Koester can be found in Ithica, New York.

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