Family: John Koester Is My Father

Growing up, John Koester (my father) seemed like a pretty straight-forward fellah. The more I learned about the world however, the more complicated he became to me. Those complexities would be frustrating if Dad weren’t able to speak with clarity and insight about them. I suppose the guiding question of this episode is that impossible-to-answer chestnut, “what does it feel like to be you?”. John does an expert job navigating an answer. When we finally turn to The Fishbowl, we pull Best Thing (courtesy of Steve Hamilton) and the Scott Oshima classic, Favorite Place To Hide and others. As always, thank you for listening!


Season 01 Episode 05
Family: John Koester Is My Father

Recorded on December 27, 2018
Released on February 5, 2019
Episode Duration: 01:18:54

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