Potpourri: The Sacony Creek Tends To Ramble

At nearly 18 miles long, The Sacony Creek is no slouch stream. Not only is it a tributary to The Maiden Creek but it also runs through Kutztown, PA. On its banks, you can find the old Saucony Shoe Factory as well as Turkey Hill and Kutztown Elementary and High Schools. Glamorous though this all is, The Sacony has also been present in Jesse’s life from an early age and their connection runs deep. We sat down with The Sacony Creek in the first inaugural episode of 2019 to get to know more about it as a river and as a major player in the Kutztown landscape. As always, thanks for listening!


Season 02 Episode 01
Potpourri: The Sacony Creek Tends To Ramble

Recorded on December 24, 2018
Released on January 8, 2019
Episode Duration: 01:02:00

The Sacony Creek can be found in Kutztown.

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