Family: Selina Hamilton, née Koester, Is My Little Sister

You’d be hard pressed to find someone in this mini-series who is more of a pastor than Selina. Besides, you’d be wasting your time as she’s pretty darn good at her job (her patience, empathy and a willingness to answer any questions about religion are all on full display here). But, she wasn’t always and only a pastor. There’s some literature, teaching and scuba diving mixed in there before she settled on her adult life. She walks us through all of that (despite Jesse’s best efforts) and then we turn to The Fishbowl. When we do, we pull questions on the second amendment (courtesy of James Choi, S01E32), Ground Work (courtesy of Alan VonDreditor), Bad Friend Stories and Favorite Freeway (courtesy of Scott Oshima, S01E33). As always, thank you for listening!


Season 02 Episode 04
Family: Selina Hamilton, née Koester, Is My Little Sister

Recorded on December 24, 2018
Released on January 29, 2019
Episode Duration: 01:13:49

Selina Hamilton, née Koester, can be found preaching at Rosedale United Church of Christ in Laureldale, PA.

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