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Storytelling: David & David Deliver Dual Discussion Directly

David Diamond and David Weissman have written a fair number of movies that made it to the screen. Then, they wrote a book called Bulletproof sharing the wisdom they’ve gained from their shared multi-decade career. And, now? They’re on The Hollywood Fishbowl!

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MWP: Simone Bartesaghi Talks 3D Filmmaking, Sensitivity and The Matrix

We met Simone through Michael Wiese Productions but the title of ‘author’ only begins to scratch the surface. Simone started his career in business and had already found success when he finally got bitten by the film bug. Once he got his start, he couldn’t shake it and went on to produce and direct multiple award-winning shorts (one of them unbound by 2 crummy dimensions). As always, thank you for listening!

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