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Indie Musicians: A.R.S.N.K. Is An Artist, Musical and Otherwise

A.R.S.N.K made Jesse sweat with anxiety the first time he shot her performing live. Clearly, they’ve managed to scoop the friendship up since then and it’s good that they did. Had they not, we wouldn’t have this conversation on being invisible in your art, living homeless, sleep paralysis, and phenomenology.

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Indie Musicians: Ashley Lowry Knows The Truth About Pawns

Singer/Songwriter Ashley Lowry doesn’t just know the truth about pawns, she shares it with us, but not before opening up about her life, which goes from LA to Nashville and back, her music and how she contends with the vulnerability inherent to being an artist.

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Indie Musicians: Mimi Page Is Quiet In A Loud Way

Mimi Page’s story doesn’t start with dreamy, ambient mood music. It starts with Broadway. And lots of travel. Always an open book, Mimi shares her wisdom and insight into the independent music scene with us as she tells the story of how she went from watching her mother perform on stage nightly to building her own career in ethereal electronica.

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