Adaptations: Adaptation Celebration / Questions To Ask Before The Draft

You can’t talk adaptations without talking the Charlie Kaufmann/Spike Jonze classic Adaptation. So, talk Adaptation Naomi and Jesse do! Amazingly, the same Spike Jonze that tore their amicable relationship asunder with Her brings them closer than ever with this meta-textual masterpiece. When it comes to questions, Naomi wonders if the film is too inside-baseball to be enjoyed by folks outside of the industry. Jesse, on the other hand, isn’t convinced that everyone is convinced that the third act works. What do YOU think? Is Adaptation the green-light we’ve all been hoping for? Or, should it have stayed on the page and off the stage?

After that, co-host and side-kick turn their attention to a question that every screenwriter should be asking before writing a script. Specifically, “what questions should screenwriters be be asking before writing a script?” Naomi brings an answer that invites many follow-up questions. Jesse just steals his answer from the always-brilliant Hilliard Guess, who hosts the also-always-brilliant Screenwriter’s Rant Room (

Here’s the episode of Get A Life that Jesse was talking about (you’re welcome):

Need help finding your footing in LA? Naomi recommends you check out this webpage (you’re actually welcome)!

The entire film in one image.

The entire film in one image.

Season 01 Episode 17
Adaptations: Adaptation Celebration / Pre-Writing Questions

Recorded on November 8, 2018
Released on November 19, 2018
Episode Duration: 00:51:12

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