On The Record #6 - Camp Akiba


As a PA boy myself, there was no way I could resist picking this one up when I saw the address. And, the record did not disappoint me as I predict it will not disappoint you (as long as you adjust your expectations accordingly).


  1. I Could Have Danced All Night

  2. Get Me To The Church On Time

  3. Why Can’t The English

  4. Ascot Gavotte

  5. Blue Team Entrance Song & Cheer

  6. Blue Team Fight Song & Alma Mater

  7. Gold Team Entrance Song & Cheer

  8. Gold Team Fight Song & Alma Mater


  1. Company Way & Reprise

  2. Been A Long Day & Reprise

  3. Brotherhood Of Man

  4. How To Succeed

  5. Blue Team Fight Song

  6. Blue Team Alma Mater

  7. Gold Team Fight Song

  8. Gold Team Alma Mater