On The Record #7 - Luther Burbank Jr. High


Led by Band Director Dale Thompson and Choral Director Audrey Hugelen, the Luther Burbank Junior High School Band was a force to be reckoned with, well worthy of immortalization on this near-mint record from 1965. The B Side is when this album really starts to shine with the Girls Chorus doing a lovely rendition of the endlessly haunting Tutu’ Maramba’.

A Side

  1. The Sound of Music (Senior Orchestra)

  2. Siboney (Senior Orchestra)

  3. Song Of Brazil (Senior Orchestra)


  1. Tutu’ Maramba’ (Girls Chorus)

  2. Tamale Joe (Mixed Chorus)

  3. La Cucaracha (Mixed Chorus)

  4. Linda Mujer (Concert Band)

  5. Tropical Twilight (Concert Band)

  6. Bossa Nova (Concert Band)

  7. Thundercrest (Concert Band)