On The Record #5 - The Little Angels Smile


The Little Angels debut (and final) album The Little Angels Smile is couched in mystery. Who are they? How did this group come together? How did they die and why did God let them continue singing? However, one thing becomes abundantly clear after listening to the album. As evidenced by Side 1, Track 2, these so-called “angels” were clearly deep in the pockets of Big Mother. The cloying way they toady up to their mothers is simply a disgrace.


1. Get Me To The Church On Time
2. Mother Of Mine
3. Medley (The Happy Wanderer, Yodel Of The Forest, Greensleeves, It’s A Miracle)
4. Song Of The Angels
5. Penitent Monk


1. Children Of The World Unite
2. Amazing Grace
3. Medley Of Korean Folk Songs (Arirang, Maiden From Ulsan, Doraji)
4. Echo Of The Angels
5. Dominique