On The Record #10: Elephant Jokes


If there’s one bit of feedback we get more than any other at Sunshine Pictures it’s that our elephant jokes are second to none. We can only take so much credit for the repertoire. While we have what is arguably the greatest talent pool in modern field of elephant joke development, we owe all of our successes to the work done by The Haymaker Institute for the Cultivation and Preservation of Potential Customers.

Now, you might be wondering how there can be two sides of a record worth of elephant jokes. There’s not. There are also some ferocious jokes about surfers.

Side A

  1. Elephant Game (Part 1)

  2. Elephant Game (Part 2)

  3. Stop Me If You’ve Herd This

  4. Safari Nice Elephant

  5. Pink Elephant

  6. Tarzan And The Elephants

Side B

  1. Elephant Jokes

  2. Elephant Jokes Strike Back

  3. Peanut Vendor

  4. My Son The Elephant Trailer

  5. Elephant Stomp

  6. My Husband Was An Elephant