On The Record 12: Parchis Villancicos


I hear all of you asking in thunderous unison, who is Parchis? They are a group of kids who sang songs… Wait. Why tell when I can show! Above is a collection of Christmas songs as performed by Parchis. Below, is a song about Parcheesi, also as performed by Parchis, in which they laboriously explain the rules of Parcheesi in Spanish.

Side 1

  1. Campana Sobre Campana

  2. Los Peces En El Rio

  3. Navidades Blancas

  4. Rin, Rin

  5. Dime, Nino, De Quien Eres?

  6. Arre, Burriquito

Side 2

  1. Noche De Paz

  2. Ay! Del Chiquirritin

  3. Ande, Ande, Ande

  4. Jingle Bells

  5. El Pequeno Tamborilero

  6. Canta, Rie Y Bebe