Upstarts Have Parties Too!

Are lenses and sensor plates awesome! I've been watching the technology evolve for 15 years now on digital cameras from those early MiniDV cameras to DSLRs to the current crop of affordable (but still amazing) plates. And lens technology has kept pace. Lenses are sharper, more precise and have more accurate focus than ANY TIME IN THE HISTORY OF THE HUMAN SPECIES!

And, they all look the same.

That's why I started playing with those cheap-as-chips Japanese and Russian consumer lenses, M42. Price was the reason I got into it (and the gift of an adaptor from a friend) but the look is why I keep on using them. The flares are entirely unique lens by lens and the bokeh tends to look very analog and antique.

Let's talk tech:
Camera: Sony A7Sii
Lenses: M42 55mm 1.8, M42 135mm 3.5, EF 16-35 2.8 (because ultra-wide non-fisheye M42s don't exist)