TENZO Pop-Up Shop Coverage


Shooting the TENZO pop-up shop in Little Tokyo was a bit of a masters class in popping shops up. We interviewed the shop-keep (video coming soon) to get more insight into the project and how communities and vendors can support each other, but here is a quick overview of the lessons we learned:

  • Even if you’re in the space for 1 week, make the space indelibly yours.

  • Candles = Charm

  • It’s OK that not everyone is a social butterfly as long as you have at least one person on hand who loves chatting about the business and the products.

  • Not everyone who comes in is a customer but they can all be a friend.

  • Choose music that invites conversation.

But, hey! I’m a photographer, not a philosopher. Let me get back into my wheelhouse (click to enbiggen).