On The Record #3 - The Game Of Love


Need some pep in your step but you’re not a fan of instruments? Boy-oh-boy, have we got a surprise for you! It’s The Game Of Love And Other Renaissance Delights as conducted by Loseph Liebling. I hope you enjoy it!


1. Gloria
2. In These Delightful, Pleasant Groves
3. I Go Before, My Charmer
4. NonVos Relinquam
5. A Vesta Was From Latmos Hill Descending
6a. When Cupid Had
6b. Thou Shalt Soon See
6c. Such As InLove
7. Consture My Meaning
8. Cupid Detected
9. My Mistress Frowns
10. Au Joli Bois
11. Thus Saith My Cloris Bright
12. Sing We And Chant It


1. Reveci Venir Du Printemps
2. Fine Knacks For Ladies
3. Ye That Do Live In Pleasures Plenty
4. Ecco Mormorar L’onde
5. Raggi Dov’e’l Mio Bene
6. Ah, DolentePartita
7. Selve Beate
8. Alle Psallite