On The Record #4 - You Father's Moustache


There are those days where you want the calliope feel … but, without the calliope. Or, that polka beat … but, without all the weight of Germany’s singular history. Albert White and The Gaslight Orchestra to your rescue! Of course, this was released back in the halcyon days of gaslight when gaslight just meant light from a gas flame and not abusive manipulation through an ever-bending revision of reality.


1. What D’ye Mean You Lost Your Dog
2. The Plunger
3. Everybody’s Doing It
4. Tickle The Ivories
5. Old Timers Waltz
6. ‘Lasses Trombone
7. Yah Yah Laugh


1. Alexander’s Ragtime Band
2. Kitchke Polka
3. Cycle Whirl
4. The Squirrel
5. Hot Time In The Old Town
6. Silver Heels
7. Flying Arrows