On the Record #1 - Mir Zwoa


Well, we've well and burned through the book of old Japanese photographs, which was a delight to scan and upload. But, that hasn't quite cured the archival bug that bites my butt daily. So, I picked up a record player, plugged it into the computer and started digging through crates at the used-stuff stores around town. An early gem of a discovery (Gemscovery?) was Mir Zwoa, a polka record by German sisters Maria and Margot Hellwig. It's yours to enjoy (as if you could do anything else with it)!


1. Mir Zwoa
2. Kirchweih In Tirol
3. Hoch - Und Deutschmeister Marsch
4. Ich schenk Dier en Edelweiss
5. Sonnalp-Jodler
6. Schonfeldmarsch


1. Gluck in den Bergen
2. Vlom Schliersee bis zum Tegernsee
3. Wo die Alpenrosen bluhn
4. I hab digern
5. Heimliche Liebe
6. Schrammelmarsch