On The Record 16 - Albert McNeil Jubilee Singers


Gospel will always have a home at www.sunshinepicturesllc.com. As long as it’s not lousy. All that is very tough talk from someone who’s setting up the obviously fantastic Albert McNeil and his Jubilee Singers. Recorded in MCMXXXIV, this is an a cappella collection of greater and lesser known hits. We’ve got all level of hit on the spectrum with this album. Why not just push play so I can stop writing already?

Jubilee Singers - Side A

  1. I Wanna Be Ready

  2. John, The Revelator

  3. He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands

  4. Precious Lord Take My Hand

  5. Oh Happy Day

  6. Daniel, Servant of the Lord

  7. Marry A Woman Uglier Than You

Jubilee Singers - Side B

  1. Ain’t That Good News

  2. Walk Together Children

  3. Ain’t Got Time To Die

  4. Hareje (The Harvest Song)

  5. You Must Have That True Religion

  6. In That Great Gettin’ Up Mornin’

  7. Doodlin’

  8. Everytime I Feel The Spirit

  9. Go Down Moses

  10. Swing Low Sweet Chariot