On The Record 17 - Favorite Songs of Japanese Kids


More than just a collection of melodies, this album is a journey in education with a narrator setting each song up with cultural context. But the FUNtertainment doesn’t stop there. The songs are presented with some lyrics in Japanese and some in English, giving you a sense of simple vocabulary and phrasing.

Side A

  1. Spring Has Come

  2. Come Firefly

  3. Goldfish Man

  4. Plate Passing

  5. Rain

  6. Please, Go Through

  7. Coal Miner’s Song

  8. Sparrow’s Singing School

Side B

  1. Sounds of Autumn Insects

  2. Water Wheel

  3. Little Bear

  4. Over The Mountain

  5. Snow

  6. Sun Parasol

  7. Dancing Teakettle