Straight Zombies (Video + Photo!!!)

I really love doing still photography. Like, a lot. It’s kinda sorta my hobby thing. So, when Mano Agapion (you may have heard his episode on The Hollywood Fishbowl) called to ask if I had time to pop of some Behind The Scenes shots of the sketch they were filming, Straight Zombies, I jumped at the chance. Above is the finished video and below are the photos. As always, click to embiggen!

Directed By
Carmen Angelica
Mano Agapion, Ryan Barton, John Flynn, Oscar Montoya, Chad Westbrook
Voice On The Radio
Vivian Gil
Written By
Mano Agapion, Ryan Barton, Travis Coles, Oscar Montoya, Chad Westbrook
Produced By
Mano Agapion, Chad Westbrook, Lisa Timmons
Nicola Newton
Editing, Sound Design, Graphics, VFX
Joshua Edelman
First AD
Vivian Gil
Jacquie Waldman
Still Photographer
Jesse Koester