Atomos Ninja Assassin 4K Recorder w/ batteries, SSDs + more

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This kit includes everything you need to record ProRes 4K footage (without the recording time-caps associated with most DSLRs). Of course, this rental is more than just the unit. it includes a wall-plug and 8 batteries. There are also 4 SSD drives (2x 120g and 2x 275g) so you can record for a very very long time.

In case you're wondering what 120 and 275 gigs are worth, I've included a handy chart which can be found below. Just check the resolution and frame-rate you plan to shoot in and you'll know the hours and minutes that each card will give you, depending on your format.

I've also included two HDMI cables, one HDMI-to-HDMI and another Mini-to-HDMI. The Mini-to-HDMI is perfect for any camera in the Sony A7 series and most GoPros. The HDMI-to-HDMI could be used to run a feed from a computer to the Atomos or to run from Atomos to another monitor. I've done both and it works just fine.

Finally, there's an SSD-to-USB adapter so you can backup your data with minimal hassle.

A couple of warnings.

  • The battery chargers are slow. Charge your batteries overnight for best results.

  • The Canon LP-E6 works to spec but you will only get about 3 minutes of 4K recording on a fully charged Canon battery. I include it in the kit because it was included with the device at purchase but I don't recommend relying on Canon batteries to power your Atomos.

(1) Atomos Ninja Assassin
(1) Atomos Cage w/ HDMI Grip
(2) SSD 120g
(2) SSD 240g
(1) Atomos Wall Plug
(8) NP-F970
(1) HDMI mini --> HDMI
(1) HDMI --> HDMI
(1) Canon LP-E6 to Sony NP
(4) DTSE Travel Charger
(1) Sunshade
(1) SSD --> USB
(1) Soft Bag

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 6.36.00 AM.png