Ashanks 1.2m/3.9ft Motorized Slider

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The Ashanks Slider is a good entry-level motorized slider. It works best with lighter cameras and is easy enough to program using the included module. You set the A-point, the B-point and how long it will take and you're off to the races.

(1) Ashanks 1.2m Slider
(1) DC-12680 Battery
(1) Motor
(1) Ashanks Controller
(1) Ethernet Cable
(1) Power Supply Cable
(1) Sub-Mini Extension Cable
(2) Big Screws
(3) Small Screws
(1) Tiny Screw
(2) Allen Key
(1) Manfrotto MVH400AHUS
(1) Quick Release Plate
(2) Ashanks To Camera Cables