Colorspike LED Rods x4 w/ mounting kit & barn doors

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The Colorspike is a tremendously versitile LED lighting system. Whether you're running off of wall-power or the built-in batteries, you can easily get some really incredibly lighting combinations with unprecedented efficiency.

This kit includes not just the 4 Colorspikes but also barn doors for each light and the mounting kit.

Be sure to download the app before you rent so that you can sync up the 4 spikes and maximize the animation possibilities. Or don't. It's your choice, really. I'm not here to tell you how to live your life.

I made this GIF myself. Gimme a pizza trophy.

I made this GIF myself. Gimme a pizza trophy.

(4) Colorspike
(4) Carrying Bag
(4) Diffusion Filter
(4) Charger
(4) ANSI Cable
(4) Weird-Shaped Thing A
(4) Weird-Shaped Thing B
(4) Weird-Shaped Thing C
(8) Barn Doors
(4) Barn Door Bags