DJI Ronin-M 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer + thumb controller

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Lovingly packaged in a custom hard-case, this is a perfect entry-level gimbal. It works with most DSLRs. In my experience, you want to strip the camera down (cages add weight and little in the way of functionality on a gimbal) and use prime lenses. The name of the game is reducing the weight of the camera, not just for the gimbal's sake but for yours as well.

Two batteries will get you through a normal shooting day though you should drop one on the charger as soon as it's burnt down if you plan on a lot of gimbal shooting. Most likely, it's your back that will burn out before the batteries do.

Remember, balancing before you power up is key. Balancing means more than dropping the cradle as low as it can go and calling it a day. Balancing is the process of nudging the camera into the sweetest spot in the cradle so it is, from the gimbal's perspective, nearly weightless.

Remember to install the DJI App on your mobile device before shooting!


(1) Nanuk 940 Hard Case
(1) Gimbal
(2) DJI Intelligent Battery
(1) Base Plate
(1) Lens Support
(1) Thumb controller
(1) Accessory Bag
(1) Allen Key
(2) Camera Screw A
(2) Camera Screw B
(2) Camera Screw C
(2) Camera Screw D
(1) Weird Cable Thing
(1) Micro-USB --> PC
(1) USB Wall Plug
(1) Upper Handle
(1) Left Arm
(1) Right Arm
(1) Left Handle
(1) Right Handle
(1) Charger
(1) ANSI Cable
(1) Tuning Stand
(1) Remote Control